Autographed Copy Of The Book "Lessons" By Eric Roberson

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Eric Roberson and his team launched a 6-month marketing campaign for his song, “Lessons”.  It showcased some of the most memorable moments in black tv and cinematic history.  The book “Lessons” is inspired by what those scenes taught us.  Feel free to read this book for pure enjoyment.  You can also use the book as a form of meditation and reflection, or read it like a game of match the lesson with the movie.  The book contains 100 lessons as well as essays and poetry by Eric Roberson.  You will also find beautiful sketches by Wendy Medley and art by Steven Jon.   

About the Author:

Eric Roberson is in love with the art of combining words. As a two-time GRAMMY nominated singer-songwriter, he has independently released 16 studio albums over the last 20 years. This New Jersey native has penned and produced numerous songs for others and currently teaches songwriting at Berklee College of Music. When he is not writing, he is creating moments as a father, husband, and friend.    

“Once the book is in your hands the words are no longer mine. They are now yours…to do whatever moves you to do with them.  How you read this book will be up to you. You may meditate, reflect, play match the lesson with the movie, or simply share a thought with someone you love. What I will say is, it is an honor to serve you and I hope this book moves you to serve others.” - Eric Roberson

“Throughout the years, Eric Roberson has organically and authentically developed a reputation amongst his fans as being both creative and groundbreaking in his approach to music. Most of us have wondered what the process is behind his pen. This incredible literature greater exposes the brilliance of his thought pattern. It is intriguing, entertaining, encouraging, and all things Erro!” - Pastor YPJ