The Box (Digital Download)

The Box (Digital Download)

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As I grow older and travel the world my experiences show up in my music. In my personal, visual and music life I have welcomed this maturity wholeheartedly. But one thing still remains. I was born and raised a hip hop kid with a boombox by my side. That box added a certain low end to everything it played, even when it wasn't hip hop. That's how I grew up and loved listening to music.  I refuse to except that hip hop has an expiration date. And no matter whether I'm wearing a tailored suit, top hat and brogues that boombox mentality is still present. Musically that's what we went after with this album. Musically we are showing a level of maturity with live instrumentation, horn arrangements and thought out subject matters, but that element of hip hop is still the foundation. That boom bap that's meant to get your heart rate up. That's what I want people to feel when they're listening to The Box." 

- Eric Roberson


Track Listing

01.  Lust For Love (Feat. Tracey Lee)

02.  The Box (Feat. Dave Hollister)

03.  I'm Not Trying To Keep Score No More

04.  Don't Hide Your Wings

05.  Just Imagine (Feat. KING)

06.  Pill

07.  Haunted

08.  The Cycle (Feat. Pharoahe Monch)

09.  Warm

10.  Mark On Me

11.  Punch Drunk Love

12.  Do The Same For Me (Feat. Pop)