Eric Roberson is a 2X Grammy Award Nominated Singer/Songwriter/ Producer widely known as The KING of Independent Soul and R&B. Eric has released 13 albums independently and has performed to SOLD OUT shows around the world. Eric has decided to pull the curtain back on how he navigates today's current music industry by allowing you access to THE PROCESS. The process not only allows you to see behind the scenes but lets you into how things are created. You will see how Eric writes and produces music for himself and the numerous artists that he works with. You will see his process of recording the songs. Ideas, bad notes, vulnerability... nothing will be held back, you will be immersed in The Process.  

As a member of The Process you will receive:

Exclusive footage through Patreon Lens

Access to seeing and hearing the creation of new music

Digital downloads of the newly created music

Pre-Sales for concert tickets

Soundcheck Meet & Greet at a concert venue where possible

15% off of exclusive merchandise discount codes and patron-only merch options

Eric will follow you on Twitter for as long as you are a patron!

You will also be able to interact directly with Eric thru posts and monthly interactive Q&A's. You can be a part of The Process for a $5.00 monthly membership fee.

Please take time to familiarize yourselves with the rules for this exclusive group! We reserve the right to edit the rules of the group as we deem necessary.

1. Be respectful and kind to each other. We are ALL here to learn, experience and witness within the process.
2. DO NOT SHARE anything posted in this group.
3. Give constructive feedback
4. NO PROMOTIONS ALLOWED. If someone asks a question and you have a blog post or information that would be helpful, please post it in the comments only.
5. No messaging members for solicitation, sales, pitches or spamming them with unwanted inquiries.
6. A post or comment will be deleted if it:
- Is abusive
- Suggests or encourages illegal activity
- Contains spam
- Contains advertising services, products, etc. that are unrelated

Again please be kind, respectful and please don't spam. You will be warned, but if you persist you may be banned.

Thank you always,

Eric Roberson