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Instant genius from the mighty Eric Roberson -- easily one of the greatest soul singers we've ever heard -- and that's saying a lot, given how many records we've listened to over the years! Eric's one of the few artists who can bring a smile to our face from the very first note of a new album -- and this set's got us smiling all the way through -- sharing Eric's tremendous sense of joy and love in his music, and further marveling at his growing talent as a songwriting over the years. Roberson's voice is enough to make a tune great -- but his lyrics here are especially great, personal themes and topics that come off with a real sense of poetry that few other singers can match. Eric's way ahead of the pack here -- setting a new standard for the male voice in soul music, yet also firmly placing himself amidst a strong lineage from the classic years. Why this guy isn't a superstar is beyond us -- but honestly, we're loving him at this level -- because it means that Eric is as upfront and close as his music! Titles include "Music", "Evening", "Been In Love", "Iluvu2much", "Only For You", "Too Soon", "Pretty Girl", "If I Had A Chance", and "The Baby Song"....DustyGroove