Music Fan First 10th Anniversary Edition CD

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The 10th Anniversary of Eric Roberson's album Music Fan First is a celebration of the ultimate partnership between music and its fans. His seventh album contains over an hour and 15 minutes of nonstop music presented in 17 new songs. The CD artwork is a 28-page tribute to music and its faithful followers, including over 700 pictures of music fans from all over the world, who submitted photos. With features by musical friends such as Lalah Hathaway, T3 of Slum Village, Wayna and several others, the award-winning singer/songwriter/producer held nothing back in creating the musical portrait he had in his head. Eric's approach to Music Fan First had less to do with rules and business than incorporating the elements of music he has been a fan of all his life. "You can call this album Soul Music, but really it has no genre," he says. "Those lines are blurred and colored over with melodies, rhythms, harmonies and discoveries inspired by the music I grew up listening to." Songs such as Borrow You, The Newness, A Tale of Two and Break It Down give the fans that familiar energy they've grown to love, while successfully pushing the envelope further. He says, "I don't care for assembly line music, so I set out to give the fans something relatable but at the same time something new they can fall in love with. With Music Fan First, I feel we accomplished that."