An Evening With “Erro” Eric Roberson At Baltimore Soundstage - The Cultured Collective By Naomi V

By Eric Roberson

An Evening With “Erro” Eric Roberson At Baltimore Soundstage - The Cultured Collective By Naomi V

Once again, two-time Grammy-nominated artist, Eric Roberson hit the stage and he did not disappoint at all.

I had the pleasure of covering his show on Friday night at the Baltimore Soundstage located at 124 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202 and I was yet again blown away by what a fantastic performance it was. I saw him perform about a month ago in Atlanta, and I realized that he has a few signature things that are apart of all his shows that are fan favorites, I included. My experience started backstage when I got a chance to see him getting in the zone and prepared for the show with his band. They all got together in a tight circle and said a prayer before going on stage, what a very euphoric sight to see.

Eric Roberson is currently promoting his new EP’s Earth, Wind, and Fire so he performed a few of his new songs. One of my favorites was a song he wrote to his song titled “Superman” off of his Earth album. In the song he encourages them to love the skin they’re in and spread their wings and be great. Another great song was “Claire” from his Wind album written because of his childhood crush on Clair Huxtable, tv mom on the legendary Cosby Show.

Though he had new music to promote he definitely did not short us when it came to performing the classics that we all initially fell in love with him for. Like “Can I Borrow You” and “Picture Perfect”, the extended version… “Jealous of ya jeans girl cause they can rub your long legs” I LOVE THAT EXTENDED PART! What’s always really great about that part is that the musical breakdown is always different and unique. One time it had a little slow sexy Jazz feel to it, and another time there was a bit of an old-school R&B bump to it. No matter how he and his band choose to switch it up, it always comes out perfect, picture perfect you might even say.

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